Where does Indian traditional Folk Music stand in the global perspective? My folk language, my folk culture, my traditional attire, my food habit and my folk music. Today if I detach myself from all these beliefs, where do I stand in the global world? Who am I? What is my cultural identification? Getting an opportunity to take part in the grand celebration of Commonwealth Games 2018 to be held in Gold Coast Queensland Australia, is nothing less than a dream to me. The dream is now impatient to get its shape in reality. Myself Kalpana Patowary, a cultural flow originating from the North Eastern part of India, the land of Assam, flowing across different folk cultures found myself complete in the land of Bhojpur. The flow originating from the mighty Brahmaputra to the river Ganga, and now eager to merge in the Seven Seas. My journey starts from the great legend Bhupen Hazarika and takes a pause at the great Bhikhari Thakur. This journey is nothing less than a pilgrimage.


Kalpana Patwary



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