As many as 11 lakh trees has been planted in the suburbs of the city by the Rudraksha Foundation along with the tree plantation drive in the past two yeras.Famous personality
Dhananjay pandey director of Rudraksha Foundation is part of the drive that has kickstarted in Bihar.

According to organisers, the drive will spread awareness on a green objective, waste management, conservation of trees and increasing plantations to make the society greener. The drive will conclude on with an event expected to feature top political, Bollywood and business and sports personalities, who have pledged their support to the cause. The organisers added that the major focus of the event will be on waste management.

Dhananjay Pandey said, ” We have organised tree plantation drive and planted more than 11 lakh trees. We have planned to plant more and more trees to make our city green. We have also turned an acre land which was under mining, into a land good enough to grow plants. Trees are so important that one tree gives to a person around Rs. 6 crore worth of life or even more.”

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